STO Combat Meter (SCM)
Frequently Asked Questions

o Q: Where can I download SCM?
	- You can download the installer for SCM here
	- You can download the standalone .exe for SCM here.

o Q: My anti-virus is detecting SCM as a virus, what is happening?
	- SCM is 100% virus free. Please add an exception to your anti-virus software to enable install and use of the program. SCM employs code obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering 
	of security measures that have been put in place to protect the integrity of results uploaded to the Official DPS League. A number of anti-virus programs will therefore incorrectly
	identify this code obfusacation as a false positive (because viruses employ similar methods to hide their presence). Please understand that this is a necessary measure for the sound
	administration of the DPS League, and be assured that SCM does not include any viruses or code instructions that are harmful to your system.

o Q: How do I register my captain's class and faction on SCM?
	- SCM auto detects your captain's class from combat data you have uploaded. Simply parse yourself using certain captain class-specific abilities (e.g. photonic fleet, miracle worker, mortars, 
	drones, etc) and deploy your faction's fleet support pet (space only), in one of the missions accepted for uploads. You only need to upload a valid parse (not necessarily your highest 
	record) once per character. Your captain class and faction will then be permanently recorded and synchronised across all our league tables within 48 hrs. Captains default to "TAC" class 
	and "UKN" faction unless they are identified otherwise. If you are incorrectly identified as some other class or faction, please notify channel admin staff for assistance. Contact details for 
	admin staff can be found here on Discord.

o Q: Where do I find the release notes for SCM?
	- You can view the release notes of SCM here
o Q: Who currently admins/mods the DPS-#'d channels?
	- @spencerb96 - Twitch | Youtube | Discord
	- @john98837 - retired?
	- @sarcasmdetector - Twitch | Youtube | Discord
	- @mbwhiscool - Elitist DPSer | Youtube
	- @Anubis714 - The Best Ship Building Guide | Twitch | Youtube
o Q: Who currently admins the SCM parser / league table?
	- @spencerb96 - SCM Server Management & Maintenance
	- @alfiedono - Retired SCM Developer
o Q: What are the current DPS Channel Entry Requirements?

	- DPS-Public: No entry requirements.
Space Channels

	- DPS-10K: 10K DPS ISA record uploaded via SCM.

	- DPS-75K: 75K DPS ISA record or HSE record uploaded via SCM. 

	- DPS-#s-Elites: 300K DPS ISE or HSE record uploaded via SCM.

	- DPS-#s-Prime (6 Entry Methods, only need to meet one to Qualify):
	 #1: ISE - Torp Builds: 1.5m DPS ISE record uploaded via SCM. 
	 #2: ISE - DEW w/ HY Torps + Subspatial Warheads: 1.25m DPS ISE record uploaded via SCM. 
	 #3: ISE - Everything Else: 1m DPS ISE record uploaded via SCM. 
	 #4: ISE - Solo: Must record run and submit Video Link + Combatlog File to #prime-role-request on DPS Discord
	 #5: ISA: 600k DPS ISA record uploaded via SCM. 
	 #6: HSE: 1m DPS HSE record uploaded via SCM. 

Ground Channels

	- DPS-G-200: 200 DPS NTTE record uploaded via SCM.

	- DPS-G-800: 800 DPS NTTE record uploaded via SCM.