STO Combat Meter (SCM)

Version - June 8, 2018

Main Changes:

o General:
	- Fixed a bug that was causing unintended interface scaling on some computers.
	- Removed another redundant STO Gateway link.

Version - June 3, 2018

Main Changes:

o General:
	- Fixed some typos.
	- Removed redundant STO Gateway link.

Version - June 1, 2018

Main Changes:

o Metrics:
	- Critical heals are now included in calculated metrics.
	- Expanded summary parse metrics shown on main display.

o League Table:
	- Updated to reflect channel structure changes for the ViL expansion.

o DPS League Archive Server Security:
	- DPS League Archive server security has been upgraded to prevent unauthorized access to DPS League Archive data. This is intended to help reduce disruptions to the
	DPS League Archive browsing functionality from within SCM, that are caused by elevated server loads placed by unauthrized data requests sent to our server.

Version - April 30, 2016

Main Changes:

o DPSMark:
	- Release of a new foundry mission as the solo DPS benchmarking standard.
	- This is intended to overcome the severe limitations of ISA as a DPS measurement standard, particularly for the high end of the DPS spectrum. These limitations have largely arisen from:
		- Substantial power creep in the game and the relatively low level of hitpoints available on the ISA map (which needs to be shared between 5 players on a team).
		- The advent of a myriad of team buffing abilities which have significantly reduced the consistency and comparability of DPS records obtained in ISA.
		- New powers and abilities that can be abused to inflate DPS measurement on the ISA map, particular on self-healing and semi-persistent targets.
	- Some of the key benefits of DPSMark include:
		- Removal of team factors which can distort the comparison of DPS records across different ISA runs. 
		- A consistent benchmarking environment, allowing you to better gauge the relative performance of different builds and setups, as well as the relative performance of different players.
		- No cooldown/waiting period between DPS benchmarking attempts.
		- Significant reduction to the lag experienced during DPS gameplay.
		- Designed and catered for builds that are effective in ISA and the rest of the game (i.e. you won't have to purposely change your build design/focus to excel in DPSMark).

o League Table:
	- Removal of all records for ISA, CCA and HSE.
	- Addition of league table for DPSMark Foundry Mission. 
	- 10/30/50/75K channel invites are now again based on the combined ISA table (both LR and 3/2 runs), using team assisted DPS records.
	- Invites for the new 100K channel will be based on solo DPS records from DPSMark on advanced difficulty.

o General:
	- Gate doping is now restricted for ISA parse uploads.

Version - December 7, 2015

Main Changes:

o League Table:
	- Removal of all records above 75K.
	- Removal of all Torp + Kemo records above 30K where damage is above 5% threshold.
	- Removal of records with Phase Quantum Transfer where damage is above 10% threshold.
	- Channel invites are now based on the ISA - LR table.

o General:
	- Quantum Phase Transfer ability is now recognised as damage again (previously removed due to broken mechanic for this ability).

Version - November 1, 2015

Main Changes:

o Combat Analysis Reports:
	- Quantum Phase Transfer ability is now reported properly.

o General:
	- Corrected graph scaling for ground maps.
	- Added map detection for Counterpoint (space queue) and Assault on Terok Nor (ground queue).

Version - September 26, 2015

Main Changes:

o DPS League Table: User's record is now highlighted, based on @handle entered in SCM's preferences section.

o Combat Analysis Reports:
	- Fixed issue with hit rate calculation in some reports
	- Added new DMG-In report for Tanks
	- Added new copy-statistic options
	- Added ability to filter report results by individual ability
	- Added calculation of TPS (damage tanked per second)
	(Note: Some of these new additions are still being tested - please post all anomalies you spot on the bug section of our forums.)

o General:
	- Added truncation of long names and handles on graphs
	- Warp core breach damage is now again included in DMG-In calculations
	- Player deaths now shown in main results table
	(Note: Many other outstanding requests and features still on to-do list, they have not been forgotten. Will be done when time permits.)

Version - September 15, 2015

Main Changes:

o Uploads: Refined validity checks for uploaded results.

Version - September 4, 2015

Main Changes:

o Combat Analysis Reports: Added report for aggregate DMG From NPCs to Team and aggregate DMG from Team to NPCs.

o Corrupt Logs: Added error handling when reading a log that is corrupted.    

Version - September 1, 2015

The Official DPS Channel admin team is pleased to announce the official release of STO Combat Meter.

Key Features:

o The Official DPS League:  Our league tables have been re-opened and now supports the following missions:
	- Infected - The Conduit (Advanced Space)
	- Crystalline Catastrophe (Advanced Space)
	- Hive Onslaught (Elite Space)
	- Bug Hunt (Elite Ground)
	- Nukara Prime - Transdimensional Tactics (Elite Ground)
	- Nukara Prime - Self Destructive Tendencies (Elite Ground)

o Greater Disclosure & Comparability:  Our league tables now track ISA records for LR and 3/2 styles (concurrently!). Records can be viewed for each of your characters independently, 
and we also report metrics such as the weighted-average debuff rating on your hits, your faction and your captain class. Together with instant access to combat logs for all records on our league, you'll 
never be left in the dark about how a record was achieved again. The additional segregation features will allow members to better compare their results against other players in their own class 
and faction like never before.    

o Online Record Archives:  Your combat log is automatically uploaded with your DPS result, when submitted to our servers. These records can be readily downloaded and viewed via our league 
tables at your convenience. Dropbox links are so last season, Hurray! 
o Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Interface: Access to all the keys statistics and graphing data you need at your fingertips!

o Real-Time Parser: Integrated real-time parser which reports your DPS on the fly via a mini overlay display. Fully independent of the main parser, using the minimum resources necessary to perform 
only the calculations required to calculate your DPS.

o Player Combat Analysis Reports: Detailed summaries of your combat performance and metrics, presented in an easy to read and digestible format.

More features and enhancements to come in future patches.

Known Issues:

o NPC Pets: Some abilities are recorded in the combat log by STO in a manner similar to pets. This may cause certain NPCs to appear as pets in your combat analysis reports,. The overall DPS 
measurement should however not be affected. If you encounter instances of this issue, please report it on our bugs forum, together with a link to your combat log. We expect these reporting 
errors to be eliminated once a more complete exception list is included in SCM's detection algorithms. 

Special Thanks:

o @John98837 for providing the hosting platform that supports SCM's server side functionality and helping out with design and testing for SCM.
o Oden, the mythical God of Torps, for sharing the forbidden secrets of his kinetic combat data, and for providing SCM update deployment support.
o Mr SOB Overcheesed Aux2Batman, for his work on SCM's user manual.
o Members of DPS After Dark for comments, suggestions and assistance with beta testing.
o Everyone who helped beta test SCM and those who submitted bug reports.
o @valkfx for use of his graphical banners and icons for Continuum members. @ukcaptain for the DPS Channel banner.
o Porchie for whinging on about accessibility options needed by people on the aged pension or running 2" screens.
o @sarcasmdetector for endlessly repeating the phrase "it crashed on me again".
o The hooligans who created the need for SCM.

For complete information on the STO Combat Meter, including instructions on how to submit bug reports, or suggestions for improvement, see the Official DPS Channel website.


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